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Despite Covid-19, Americans searched for dry ice on Halloween with record interest

2020 is a year like possibly no year before in living memory. The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted lives across the globe on a scale that is unprecendented.

Holidays and fesitivities are being celebrated quite differently this year too. Halloween is no exception. Kids were told to keep distance from their buddies and wear masks. And not the usual fun costume masks.

There were changes too when it came to everyone’s favorite Halloween ‘spookynator’, dry ice. In the ocean of bad news this year, we can report that dry ice probably had its best year in a while! A record percentage of Americans took to the Internet to find places to buy the frozen good.

Our dedicated guide too, experienced an all-time high influx of people looking for information on where to get dry ice with over 2,000 users relying on it for guidance on the day of Halloween.

Below we have gathered few of the most popular search terms relating to purchasing dry ice. The graphs display the relative search interest for the search terms from 2015 to this year. We have added little pumpkin icons to represent each year’s Halloween period.

All of the most popular commercial-intent search terms recorded unprecedented interest this year!

Interest in ‘dry ice’

The generic ‘dry ice’ search term recorded a record relative interest on Google this year. The last time this many people searched for it was in 2016.

Google search interest graph for the term: dry ice

Interest in ‘dry ice for sale’

This keyword combination also recorded a level of interest not seen since 2017.

Google search interest graph for the term: dry ice for sale

Interest in ‘where to buy dry ice’

Another term, another record interest. This search phrase is the classic go-to for people who wish to know which stores sell the good. The last time interest was this high was 4 years ago, in 2016.

Google search interest graph for the term: where to buy dry ice

Interest in ‘dry ice near me’

Now this is what a true breakout search phrase looks like! As more and more people are looking for localized answers to their search queries, this term has experienced solid growth in the past few years. However, Halloween this year skyrocketed interest in local dry ice suppliers and shops selling it.

Google search interest graph for the term: dry ice near me

All data is directly from Google Trends.

It is important to note here that the absolute numbers are not known. Google indicates search interest relative to all other queries performed on the specific days. It is possible that the relative record interest in dry ice is due to the Coronavirus and people looking for options to buy it online instead of just going to their local stores. And that absolute sales were actually down compared to recent years. It cannot be determined for sure. All we can say is that the American people expressed record levels of online interest in dry ice compared to years prior.

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